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What do we mean by Big Sky Burning? Sixteen-year old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg has alerted us to the fact that our house is on fire and it is past time to start acting like it. We are a small, local collective concerned/ mobilized/ motivated/ terrified by this almost incomprehensible threat. Although at the moment the hills are a verdant, luxurious green and the breeze cool and lilac scented, we know it is but a short interlude, and that all too soon the dreaded smoke will be billowing in, flames creeping menacingly over the ridge tops. The science is grotesquely clear; our new reality consists of rising concentrations of greenhouse gasses, longer and longer “fire seasons” with hotter and more intense fires. In this sense, Big Sky Burning can be taken quite literally.

Photo by Leonhard Lenz

But it might also be a metaphor for the many critical, urgent issues which face our community; issues of injustice and inequality, of exploitation and oppression. Climate catastrophe is not the only emergency we face. The editors of Big Sky Burning view these issues through the lens of a deeper global struggle and hope to shine some light in places most local media fears to tread. We are sick to death of capitalism and what it has done, not just to our minds, bodies and souls, but to the biosphere which sustains all life on this precious, fragile, failing planet.

Photo by Glacier National Park

Big Sky Burning is our report on this wreckage as it piles ever higher. If you appreciate what you find here please let us know. And if it is within your means, please help us sustain this project. The stories most desperately in need of telling are often the most difficult to hear. But it is only by pressing through the bleak haze and toxic fumes that we might find our way back to the Big Sky we love.

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